To Anna and Zeke, on the occasion of their wedding

On Interstate 5 the other day, I saw a billboard for that new Paul Rudd-Reese Witherspoon-Owen Wilson movie, “How Do You Know”.

If you haven’t seen it, it features headshots of Reese, Paul, Owen, and Jack Nicholson, and the words “HOW DO YOU KNOW” in large type, with the word “KNOW” in boldface.

I think the copy is genius. With only four words, you get the point of the whole movie. Everyone just KNOWS the question. The answer, from what I know of it, is just as cryptic. As my me and my wife or any old married couple will tell you, sometimes, you just know. Continue reading “To Anna and Zeke, on the occasion of their wedding”


Ha! I knew it!

I heard over the news yesterday that Ruffa has decided to finally call it quits (in public, at least) with her erstwhile hubby Ylmaz Bektaş. The two were the subjects of a really lavish wedding reception that had almost the entire Philippine showbiz media swooning for months on end. The wedding itself was held somewhere else (Las Vegas, perhaps? The Wikipedia article on Ruffa claims that she was married in Manila but I distinctly remember the elaborate ceremony everyone was gushing about at the Fort being declared as an engagement party, with the wedding to be held somewhere in Turkey).

You see, I got married on May 23, 2003, and the Bektaş-Gutierrez wedding was the news of the day. Many a gossip columnist came in their pants over how lovely the self-dubbed most pretentious woman on the planet was that night. None of these gossip columnists swooned about how handsome I was on my wedding night, but that doesn’t really matter. My marriage still exists. Ha! Continue reading “Ha! I knew it!”