Culture Shock

For Father’s Day, I enrolled in a writing workshop-cum-tour of Writer’s Block Philippines featuring the irrepressible Carlos Celdran. We walked from Plaza de España (Roma) in front of Manila Cathedral, to the crypts behind San Agustin Church. Along the way, Celdran talked about Manila’s bloody past and how it helped shape our national identity. In so doing, he extolled Manila’s charms with a passion rare in Manileños. Most would rather talk about how decrepit Manila has become, or how it’s just a shell of its former self, but not Celdran. “I may not change Manila, but I can change the way you look at Manila,” says Celdran at the end of each tour, and I believe him. After earning his degree from the Rhode Island School of Design, Celdran now makes his home in Ermita’s fabled North Syquia Apartments, where on occasion his pad also hosts other interesting events. Continue reading “Culture Shock”


I Beg Your Pardon

Atty. Fred from Jaromay Laurente Pamaos has in his blawg a small primer on the President’s power to pardon, and I suggest reading it before continuing on any further.

Now although the discourse is filed under criminal law, the power to pardon is a concept that law students encounter in political law. As I remember, the power to pardon of the President is discussed only in broad strokes in criminal law, and only to the extent of its effect on the liabilities of a convicted felon.

Although a pardon, broadly speaking, can be a reprieve from, or a commutation of a sentence, or a remittance of a fine or forfeiture, the President’s power to grant pardons is nevertheless a political exercise. In granting a pardon, the President acts as the embodiment of the Filipino people. It is exercised for and on behalf of the people precisely because a criminal act is considered in law to be a violation against each and every Filipino. Continue reading “I Beg Your Pardon”

Questions and Answers No.1, Series of 2008

I got a message from a friend in a forum I used to visit a long time ago, where I made a name for myself writing about what happens in people’s nether regions. One day, a group of women in the forum got together and decided to put together a list of questions they’d like to ask men but never got around to doing it. I surmise that even if they did, all they got flew above their heads. Continue reading “Questions and Answers No.1, Series of 2008”

Father’s Day Eve at Tiendesitas

I woke up to my wife asking me whether or not my Mom had any plans for Father’s Day so we could plan around it. You never know when a nice Father’s Day type celebration may be interrupted by a congratulatory call by an unwitting relative. So when Mom asked me where I wanted to go just so we could eat out, I felt terrible that we actually had to go somewhere, so I left the deciding to her. We end up meeting at Tiendesitas for what Mom saw on television to be a caterer’s convention. We’d been on the lookout for a caterer for Nicole’s first birthday and this seemed to be a perfect opportunity to look. Continue reading “Father’s Day Eve at Tiendesitas”

David Halberstam writes 30

David Halberstam, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author, died yesterday (April 23 in the United States) from injuries sustained from a traffic accident in Menlo Park, California. According to reports, the Toyota Camry in which Halberstam was a passenger was broadsided by an Infiniti sedan. Halberstam was pronounced dead on the scene. He had just come from a speaking engagement in UC Berkley where he spoke on what it meant to be a journalist. Continue reading “David Halberstam writes 30”

Things you learn

I’ve kept a personal instant messaging program on my computer ever since I’ve been online, which is since 1996, more or less.

Like all Internet lemmings, I got an ICQ number just because it was cool at the time. I caught the bug early, though, and I was lucky enough to get an ICQ number with six digits, the first digit beginning with the number 1. Continue reading “Things you learn”

Full YC Bikini Briefs Lyrics

I first “heard” this commercial after watching a Probe episode on really tasteless lyrics to commercial jingles and the people who compose them. This jingle bookended the show, and it was performed by my college barkada’s friends, DaPulis, in their traditional offbeat manner.

Because I’ve been searching for the lyrics to this jingle forever (college has been that long ago for me), and because the Internet wasn’t exactly any help, I went over to my friend Tads (who is a veritable walking encyclopedia of Filipino pop culture) and sought out his expert opinion. Thanks to him, I now have the full, unabridged lyrics of the most abused commercial jingle to ever assault the Filipino ear.

Thanks, Tads. I knew I could always count on you. Continue reading “Full YC Bikini Briefs Lyrics”