Long Stories

1. When I was in private practice, the boutique firm where I worked rarely took walk-in clients. This was not because we were snooty lawyers who turned down work we deemed to be beneath our level (although I admit there was a certain pride to be had working for my firm), but because it took some effort to reach our office. The office was (and still is) on the eighth floor of what was designed in the sixties as a seven story building in the heart of Makati. Sometimes, when both elevators servicing the building would conk out, ours was an office on the top floor of an eight-story walkup with some of the worst parking in the country. As Randy Pausch would later explain, this was, in its own way, a filter to ensure that only those who really wanted us got us. Continue reading “Long Stories”


Questions and Answers No.1, Series of 2008

I got a message from a friend in a forum I used to visit a long time ago, where I made a name for myself writing about what happens in people’s nether regions. One day, a group of women in the forum got together and decided to put together a list of questions they’d like to ask men but never got around to doing it. I surmise that even if they did, all they got flew above their heads. Continue reading “Questions and Answers No.1, Series of 2008”

Oatmeal Dinners

According to some stand-up comic whose name escapes me at the moment, there are four basic food groups for the perpetually harassed: (1) nuked; (2) cereal; (3) takeout; and (4) canned. These four groups are not necessarily exclusive: oatmeal of the variety found in any cupboard can be classified as either nuked, canned, or cereal; depending on the temperament of the person eating. Continue reading “Oatmeal Dinners”