To Anna and Zeke, on the occasion of their wedding

On Interstate 5 the other day, I saw a billboard for that new Paul Rudd-Reese Witherspoon-Owen Wilson movie, “How Do You Know”.

If you haven’t seen it, it features headshots of Reese, Paul, Owen, and Jack Nicholson, and the words “HOW DO YOU KNOW” in large type, with the word “KNOW” in boldface.

I think the copy is genius. With only four words, you get the point of the whole movie. Everyone just KNOWS the question. The answer, from what I know of it, is just as cryptic. As my me and my wife or any old married couple will tell you, sometimes, you just know.

I have no deep, profound thoughts today, except for this: I’m happy Anna and Zeke have married. With these two, I just know. I just know it’s going to be great.

The other day, as Anna and Zeke set the table for Thanksgiving dinner, I saw them work through tough choices with a passion for making things work. Not only did they get things done, they resolved past, present, and future conflict without any drama or fanfare, in an atmosphere of love and trust. In doing so, they brought to the table a maturity and wisdom that takes other couples decades to learn and a lifetime to master. Color me impressed. I can only wish that all couples here today are just as committed, loving, and dedicated to each other as Anna and Zeke.

As you go on this journey, sis, I wish you nothing but the best. Creating and maintaining your own family with Zeke is an adventure all unto itself. In behalf of your family: David, Andre, Nicole, and myself, we will be on the side cheering you on with our love and support. I do not need to hope, for I already know that you will be happy in days to come. I know you will be an awesome wife and mother.

Zeke, for making my only sister the happiest girl on the planet, thank you. The love you share with Anna brings friends and family from all over America, from all across the Pacific, even, to celebrate and give thanks, for your love for each other is awesome, humbling, and inspiring. It bears witness to the existence of true love. With that, and on behalf of all of us, welcome to the family.

So, if we would all raise our glasses, I would like to propose a toast: to Anna and Zeke, may by this day of happiness you always remember how awesome you are together.


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