Way back when I was an online columnist for this community website, I wrote a small article on how copyright protections exist even for online articles. A group of anarchists had come and plagiarized some of the site’s more popular articles a few days prior and I was asked to lend my opinion on the matter.

Of course this rankled those of more anarchist leanings in the community who believed that once material is posted online, anyone is free to use it to his or her own liking, even if it meant shameless, wholesale plagiarism. Those who opposed their views were dismissed as intellectual lightweights, while those whose criticism withstood logical inquiry were either called names (such as capitalist, fascist, hitler, diktador, or tuta) or otherwise had their character called into question.

Of all their arguments, what held their faith together was this one core belief:

The masses will rise in revolution, with or without you.

This mantra kept their entire logic together, as if it were some mystical incantation. If I heard this line in an argument with a fervent political anarchist, then it meant (to me at least) that I had won. It was both a comeback and a threat – you may have killed me, but ideas cannot be killed – and suchlike. More than that, I felt it was their version of Armageddon, their Nevinyrral’s Disc, their Jokulhaups, as it were: the big flood that would wipe everything and everyone clean.

Lately, it seems to me they could have been right. It seems to me that the great unwashed of the USA are coming to vote in unprecedented numbers. It is them from the deep South who have felt the most resentment at the growing global economy, seeing their way of life crumble before their eyes. It is them from the deep South who believe that anyone who thumps a Bible must be right and true before the Almighty God.

I’m not saying they’re wrong.

One of the great mysteries of politics is that when people are faced with economic hardship, they turn more and more fundamental, conservative, and right-wing. These people have no money, time, or effort to be nice to one’s neighbor. They can’t afford it. Instead, they look to a higher being that promises material reward as long as one keeps the faith.

I’m not saying this is wrong, either. After all, individual initiative and hard work must count for something.

What I am saying is that it seems that for some considerable time to come, this Bible-thumping minority should dominate the politics of the world’s most trigger-happy country.

What I am saying is that it is this disenfranchised minority (of statistically lower IQ than the rest of the world) who hold the future of world finance in their hands.

What I am saying is that they who are marginalized and forgotten in the United States of America are now ready to flex their political muscle and coronate one of them as the leader of the “free world” – consisting of those states not within the Federal Republic of Mexico south of the Mason-Dixon line.

The revolution has begun, and the revolution (as far as I can tell) will be successful. Unfortunately, the revolutionaries are high on opium.

Guess it’s time to rethink the great plan.


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