Two Weeks’ Notice

The wife and I have been trying to get the little one to sleep at 10 for the past two weeks.

The problem is that we don’t always get home by then. If it’s not me needing to finish my writing before the day ends, it’s the wife. At first we tried to take some work home for the night, but we quickly figured out that taking work home should be reserved for special occasions.

Special occasions like Holy Week, for instance.

That being said, I think I’m getting a better feel for work. I hate this part of getting a job – learning how to deal with new people with whom one spends the better part of one’s life. Get it wrong and one has to endure the rigmarole of finding work again. I need not elaborate on how much looking for work sucks.

The thing about being an under-bar is you are for all intents and purposes (Hi, Ina!) a second class citizen in the legal profession. Until you pass that exam and sign your name in the Roll of Attorneys you are at the bottom rung of a law firm’s legal staff. Until you get the title, you can’t sign anything and you can’t appear for the firm’s clients. Everything you do that goes out must be signed by someone else for you. Until that time comes, people like me are ghosts lurking behind the scenes in law firms.

That’s the way things have been, and that’s the way things will be, because that’s the way things ought to be. It’s a break-in period so new hires don’t sink the firm with n00b moves.

As much as this experience is proving to be quite enjoyable, all of us are aware that the piggyback ride is, in one way or another, about to end. If we pass, I imagine a greater responsibility on our shoulders – no more piggybacking. If we fail, then we get off this crazy train and try to hitch ourselves on to the next one. I know of some friends who have resignation letters at the ready, just in case.

Rumor has it that the results are coming out on March 28. The way people have been talking about it in my circles, you could say it’s our very own Good Friday. I can bet most of us are out today doing whatever religious ritual comforts our souls – Stations of the Cross, doing a visita iglesia, praying to some random saint (or even St. Jude) – what have you.

The point is, whether we pass or not this year is beyond our control at this point. As a favorite professor once said, it is quite pointless to worry about these things. We should instead focus our energies on those things that we can control.

For us, that involves getting a growing toddler to sleep at ten.


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