Let me make myself clear.

No matter what I say, I’m not marching on the 14th. Or on any other “Oust GMA” rally for that matter. I’m on the political fence on this one.

That being said, I believe that sitting on the political fence does not equate with not being disgusted at the state of corruption in government. It is, at the moment, a state of being disgusted with all sides – left, right, and center. At some point in this chess game called Philippine politics, they’ve all sold out to the highest bidder.

Speaking of disgusting, is it just me, or is all that is currently keeping GMA in power at this moment is the support she gets from her staunchest apologists – local government officials all too keen on pleasing her Empress.

To hell with these toadies.

We should take People Power and bring it to our local government officials who insist on toadying up to Malacañang. It sickens me to see generation after generation of suck-ups get elected into office. Look at your mayors, your governors, and your barangay captains – they would rather see Among Ed and Grace Padaca out of the way. I bet that if Gloria were to resign tomorrow – they’d just as easily turn coat and sing the praises of these two exemplary local government officials unafraid of Malacañang’s wrath.

This, I believe, should be the next step – not just another protest march on the 14th.

Speaking of which, I think I shall go next week armed with an idiot board that says “WE’LL GO AFTER YOU NEXT.” Maybe. Maybe not. The thought is crossing my mind.

Anyway, I think we should keep sticking it to the Ombudsman and to those who are hell-bent on fighting corruption (they exist!) that they should keep on doing their jobs – we know when they do.

Does anyone realize that what GMA apologists say now is what Erap apologists were saying just after GMA took over? “Everyone’s corrupt,” a taxi driver once told me seven years ago after his idol got booted out. “What do we do if we find GMA’s corrupt too? Do we kick her out like this again?”

“Yes,” I replied almost instantly. I thought then that whoever sits in office, as long as they do funny stuff in office, should get the boot. On the other hand, the equation really isn’t that simple. Getting Arroyo out of there would be a good start if it was the start. The problem is we’ve been doing this for far too long for good starts. We’re mad at Gloria because that’s the corruption being aired in the marketplace of public opinion, but the truth is a whole gamut of corruption exists from top to bottom in government. To paraphrase the OG* corrupt spouse, some are just slicker than others.

We need action, and we need it now. We need it from our indignant public all too eager to cast the first stone.

I have a challenge to all those who say that Jun Lozada is a hero and are now ready to march on the 14th to denounce corruption. All of you – you know how some corrupt government official has made your life a living hell by demanding money or worse for something they’re supposed to do. EXPOSE THEM YOURSELVES. File the appropriate charges with the Ombudsman or with your local City Prosecutor. You have way more than what Jun Lozada has to fight the Arroyo administration. To hell with the consequences tomorrow, because you’re doing this for love of the country. If you’ve done some hanky panky in the past, come clean and turn yourself in. You’d be more than welcome, even if you were lower than pond scum at that point.

In other words, don’t just start and end with Gloria. That would be *gasp* cheating. Don’t wait till after Gloria resigns, either. Do it now. Now. Now. Everybody knows where the snake pits are. It’s just that people have problems calling snakes by their name.

If you do, then good for you. Thank you for being consistent. However, the realist in me says that you probably won’t. It’s too damned convenient to keep some form of corruption alive. In fact, I think that corruption in government exists because there are enough people benefiting from it to feed the belly of the beast. Really now: can one make a promise never, ever to use the power of “pakiusap”, to talk to a “ninong”, to just rely on the strength of your own merits, to stop abusing connections ever again? In plain words, let’s take this opportunity to clean house. All of it, even the stuff that makes us uncomfortable. I believe we can.

While we’re cleaning house, don’t forget to tell Gloria to get the f*ck out of office. Even if I’m not marching on the 14th.

* OG = Original gangsta. It’s a word in ebonics, I’m told. Look it up yourself on Wikipedia. I don’t know everything.


4 thoughts on “Let me make myself clear.”

  1. Here’s the thing. Filipinos don’t have the stomach for a true revolution. One that’s bloody and messy and leaves bodies behind. Remember, even Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. nonviolent as they were, ended up with violent deaths. We’re too queasy for that shit. Would-be leftists wear Che Guevara’s face on their shirts, but they have no idea the lengths he went to in order that his revolutions would succeed.

    But I’ve come to the realization that we really don’t need a revolution. We’re not as bad off as other countries (hello Iraq, entire continent of Africa) and while it doesn’t look it, we’re slowly getting better. I believe our job as citizens is not to overthrow every government that raises a stink but to try to better the country little by little in our own way.

    Donate to a charity that gives people opportunities. Teach your children to be good, honest people who love their country. Try not to cut people off on the highway. I was gonna say pay your taxes but, I haven’t been doing that well lately.

    The point is there may never come a time where we can see a Philippines that is at parity with the rest of the world, but someone will. Whether it be our children or our grandchildren, we’ll get there at some point. We just like to fucking take our time.

  2. HAHAHAHA! kiko, OB (original backmate in class), MISS NA KITA and our stupid conversations… then it all of a sudden becomes non-stupid when Tracy steps in! :p

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