It’s not just about winning.

I was in Cebu last week as coach of the DLSU-FEU Consortium Jessup team. While it wasn’t exactly a vacation (really close to work, actually), it wasn’t as stressful as practice either. In short, we came, we did our thing, and we left. Not much else to say about it. What else can I say? Losing sucks.

The kids put up a fight, for sure. Rob, last year’s best speaker awardee, came up a few points short this time around. It was a matter of hitting the points on the head, and he left some points out due to time constraints. He let the discussion get away from him a couple of times, too. Anyway, he’s sure to take these lessons to heart. Rob’s analysis of the problem and his overall knowledge of international law are definitely better. I’m looking forward to working with him.

Inah, on the other hand, learned the hard way why it doesn’t pay to take shortcuts and rely on case digests. She also learned that it was a good idea to listen to people if they really want to help you. Hopefully, she learned that reality sometimes doesn’t match up to what you think it is. Hopefully, she’ll grow from this experience. One thing’s for sure: she’s a better person for having taken the road to Jessup. Unfortunately for her, this will be the last time she’ll go up – she’s graduating this March.

I’m most proud of Mike. He’s grown so much in the law since I first met him in November, when all these PIL concepts just flew past his head. He still has to get a taste of really, really hard Jessup work, but I’m sure he’ll manage when his number gets called. One more warm-up tournament and he’s ready for prime time, but only if he’s willing to put in the hard work.

So, that’s the team. They won the respect of all the teams there. I guess I’ll take what I can.


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