We’ve been here before, haven’t we?

I confess, I miss being able to sit on one side of a political fence. Not because I’ve lost all political opinion – I just think that the fence is the best place to be right now. The bulls are running and the people are mad. Continue reading “We’ve been here before, haven’t we?”


Poker Faces

The team missed the final match of the national rounds last Saturday, mostly because we were drowning our sorrows. Despite our much better showing, it still wasn’t enough to score any points – the Jessup uses a winner-take-all system to decide who goes to Washington DC. To cut to the chase, the team’s inexperience was clear to the judges and we lost to better teams.

Fair enough.

Those results sure were a long time in coming. Before we got them the next day, we were in “limbo” – we weren’t competing on the final day and we had no idea why, exactly. The kids had stumbled in a few places, but not that badly as to produce a convincing loss. From that perspective there was nothing left to do but drown our sorrows in alcohol. Continue reading “Poker Faces”

It’s not just about winning.

I was in Cebu last week as coach of the DLSU-FEU Consortium Jessup team. While it wasn’t exactly a vacation (really close to work, actually), it wasn’t as stressful as practice either. In short, we came, we did our thing, and we left. Not much else to say about it. What else can I say? Losing sucks. Continue reading “It’s not just about winning.”

Hello, we’re back… and we’re taking calls

I guess I’ve put off writing for a long time. It’s easy when you have excuses:

  • I didn’t have a broadband connection.
  • The broadband networks don’t install new lines in my building.
  • The exchange boxes in my building are all rusted up.
  • Globelines hates me.

Ad nauseam.

Actually, the first three statements are true. I swear to fuckin God. Continue reading “Hello, we’re back… and we’re taking calls”