Commercial of the Month: July 2007

In this space, we honor the well-executed commercial that is destined to become part of pop culture. This month we feature Unilever’s renewed campaign to sell poorly-created chicken stock to an amused public.

There’s nothing new in the product, and there hasn’t been since man discovered how to reduce boiled chicken. There’s more to it though: remember the “Hot water, please?” line from the 80’s? Twenty years later, they make a new commercial to appeal to the grandchildren of the persons targeted by that ad, and in the process give a positive spin to veggie eating. How cool is that?

Without further ado, Sinabawang Gulay:


2 thoughts on “Commercial of the Month: July 2007”

  1. I am disturbed by this commercial in many ways. Maybe it’s living here that’s turned me ADD but they lost me 5 seconds in… and I like vegetables!

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