Showbiz Sunday with Mom

I was watching The Buzz/Startalk with my mother yesterday, as she insisted that this would be more educational than watching some relatively anonymous journalist (Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations – this week he was eating through organic farmers’ produce in Ireland, I think) eat his way through yet another foreign meal. “You have to be aware of the reality around you,” she says.

“Like showbiz? That’s rich,” I retort. It falls on deaf ears.

On the telly, Cristy Fermin is asking Osang how she acquired the dismissal of her libel suit from the Court of Appeals. This is amusing: this is akin to journalists in the height of the Estrada administration asking The Intoxicated One whether interest rates were to rise the following morning to fight the rise of the dollar (I got this anecdote from a former college instructor of mine, who was with the Malacañang Press Corps). His Exalted Drunkenness tried repeating what was explained to him by what I imagine was the best and brightest economic gurus, but failing terribly. At any rate, Osang (aided by Cristy Fermin at her pandering best) was all but proclaiming to high heavens that Vicky Belo’s libel case was all over and done with, despite earlier pronouncements that the dismissal of the libel suit was without prejudice to its refiling in the proper venue. All this means is that the prosecutor handling the case messed up real bad and it’s not too early to proclaim that the fight is all but over and that it’s time to begin anew.

Osang crowing about legal matters left my ears all bloody, especially since I’ve been reading Remedial Law these past few days. The ringing in my ears got so bad, I had to walk out of the room if I were to keep sane. This amused my mom, who said that I have to get used to clients like that.

Of course, my mom doesn’t have to deal with “clients like that” – she’s into build-and-sell – and the most inane and asinine people she has to deal with are masons and carpenters on the low end of the pay scale. My mother makes sure they know full well when they mess up (which is quite often, considering the amount they’re paid).

I’m sure she’s right about the terrible clients, though. Seasoned lawyers I’ve talked to always tell me that the hardest part in dealing with clients is telling them they’re wrong when they’re absolutely sure they’re right. I should know: I belong to a family of litigants.

So it is that I walk out and head to the bathroom to take a quick shower. The cool water does miracles to my clearing sinuses, and I could use the break.

While in the bathroom, Ruffa comes out to answer Yilmaz’s “latest” interview with Danny Buenafe of ABS-CBN’s Middle East news bureau. The allegations are flying thick and fast, especially with reports coming up of a Vegas wedding between Sharmaine Gutierrez and a certain Richard Daloia.

Ruffa all but admitted the wedding in the interview. She said it was an episode of youthful fancy. Ruffa also said she personally filed for divorce without consulting a lawyer because she wanted to keep the whole affair a secret from her mother. She allegedly has no idea of the outcome but as far as she’s concerned, she was divorced at the time she married Yilmaz. (I know some of you are shaking your heads as you read this. Go to this page for an in-depth discussion of the topic, thanks to Atty. Fred B. Pamaos for talking about these issues online).

In the end, what it amounts to is one Filipina’s escape from the battery of a merciless foreign husband.That did it for my wife and my mom, who have noticed that I keep a special secret reserve of vitriol for Ruffa. I keep on pulling her down, they say. What if she really was battered by Yilmaz? Ruffa says that Yilmaz locked her up in a closet and leveled a gun at her, among other atrocities. These incidents are not beyond the realm of impossibility.

Anyway, all that this brouhaha highlights is that local showbiz media are just starved for controversy. The conglomerate-oriented publicity machines of the big two networks are killing the tabloid gossip-mongers and the old ways of doing business in our own little Bollywood. To keep the sharks at bay, these machines have turned on their own progeny and are feasting on the collapse of a marriage they themselves proclaimed to be the “marriage of the century“. How bloody efficient.

In the meantime, Annabelle is pushing on her feisty way, even picking a fight with Inday Badiday’s daughter, Dolly Anne Carvajal. Carvajal is one of the first people to break the Richard Daloia angle in her Inquirer column. By picking the fight, Annabelle seems intent to add fuel to the firestorm currently surrounding Ruffa. I guess there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

I feel sad for Ruffa and her two children. It’s unfair for them to have such a private affair brought out in the open, even if it is as entertaining as watching a train wreck about to happen.

UPDATE: Apparently, and thanks to the Philippine Daily Inquirer breaking the story, Ruffa effectively filed for divorce ONLY in June, or days after the story of her breakup with Yilmaz broke. The Inquirer purportedly obtained its information from the Clark County online record database. I haven’t been able to access the same page the Inquirer has showing that the divorce petition was actually only filed this last June (due, it seems, to server traffic), but there’s no reason for the Inquirer to make that fact up.

So. It seems on it’s face that Ruffa is still married to a certain Richard Daloia of California. What I wonder now is, did Ruffa EVER get married to Yilmaz? If Ruffa never got married to Yilmaz, then she may just be an adulteress instead of a bigamist (although that’s not such a nice thing to say). I also wonder if Ruffa’s an American citizen. From what I remember from my classes, then that may have a bearing on just how effective Ruffa’s divorce may be.

It seems that both sides have aces up their sleeves to which the public is not privy, which is fine. It makes for a more spectacular train wreck.


2 thoughts on “Showbiz Sunday with Mom”

  1. *shakes head*

    O Mom.

    I can’t believe she said that about Tony Bourdain. Speaking of which, when you make it to NYC we should hit up his restaurant and see if his food is as bad ass as he is.

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