Belated thanks.

Last month, I attended a classmate’s wedding in Pampanga. It was a bit over-the-top, as Pampanga weddings go. That was to be expected: weddings are occasions where we celebrate one of life’s milestones in the company of friends and family. Anything less would be a disservice to the sacrament. Anyway, I’m glad I went because the married couple are really good friends of mine and the night was something to remember.

Weddings are occasions where getting drunk and wasted is a norm, and this one was no different: we spent the night drinking all sorts of alcohol, at which point I made a disturbing conclusion: I can’t get rip-roaring drunk unless I drink an absurd amount of cheap alcohol. The tongue loosens, inhibitions are shed, but the world will not spin so fast as to lose the ability to stand up. The last wedding I attended prior to this, my law school buddies trashed a suite’s bathroom so bad with vomitus none of us could use it the next morning.  This time, we were quiet and restrained, despite ten people consuming around four  liters of liquor, straight up.

I’m so proud of my friends.

Anyway, the ceremony wasn’t Catholic, so it was a bit strange to celebrate the wedding in a place not used for worship (I refuse to say Christian, because I strongly believe that Catholics are Christians, too – no one’s told me that the Jesus the Catholics worship is a different Jesus being proclaimed as the Lord and Savior by Dubya and his neocon gang). All the right songs were in the wrong places, and we only had a rough idea of where we were in the ceremony by the traditional rites that remained: unity candles, veils, cords, and what have you.

The Pastor was pretty harsh on the groom, but that made the mood sufficiently light to keep people smiling throughout the day.

It was a happy and intimate ceremony of around 300 guests, mostly lawyers. You could tell there were many lawyers in attendance because of the number of people wincing when Scripture was being read on how subservient a wife must be toward her husband, whose only sacrifice is “ownership” of all his possessions.

I know this is kinda late, but the tequila was muy bien, but the company, friendship, and ceremony was even better. Muchas gracias, Dennis.


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