Law and Marketing

I wish there was a way for me to bridge the gap between the two without running afoul of the Code of Professional Responsibility. It’s possible, I’m just not sure how at this point.

Anyhow, I found a slide on presentationzen that may provide some answers.

I really think it’s time that lawyers began to look at the whole package and try to clean up our act. It makes for a better impression on everyone and increases revenue. What can be better?


2 thoughts on “Law and Marketing”

  1. My point exactly. Marketing, as a whole, isn’t the devil most people make it out to be. Handled properly, it can change the way people think about lawyers and the profession as a whole. Handled improperly, we get a secret society that keeps its secrets locked in impenetrable bowels and arcane texts – which is what we have today. We’re stuck with lawyer-pundits dispensing “free” advice at night and “rainmaking” classes that take advantage of who you know instead of what you know.
    We still aren’t on the level where we allow design and/or image to generate a favorable impression of the profession, as a whole. Our law textbooks bear testament to this, by and large.
    I think Cayetano was on to something, but there was something off with the taste he left on his peers. Part of it is because I think it’s part of the practice of law that’s escaped scrutiny and/or critical thought.
    Here’s the thing: there has to be a better way to present the lawyer to his/her potential clients. It’s preventing the profession from being the meritocracy that the Canons proclaim it to be.
    Thanks for stopping by to comment. It’s an honor.

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