In a statement given to GMA7’s Startalk, Ruffa Gutierrez’s Turkish husband blamed Ruffa Gutierrez’s ambition and her materialistic relatives for destroying their marriage.

I take back what I said about Yilmas probably having someone else. This marriage died because of a meddling interlopers. I think that’s a sufficient cultural misunderstanding right there.

In the Philippines, in-laws are often involved in less than savory relations with their daughter’s spouse. This is true in cases where the other spouse has met with disfavor in the mother-in-law’s eyes. Said mothers-in-law are known in stereotype to sabotage these marriages. You know what they say about there being smoke.

Rama’s replies may give a clue as to what really is the score.

“Obvious naman na ako ang tinutukoy. Pero hindi ako mukhang pera,” Rama replied in an interview published on In the story, Rama allegedly said that if she really was after money, she would have never let Ruffa leave the Philippines, having lost her commissions during the period she was away. Finally, she claims that in Turkey, women are expected to only stay at home and take care of children.

Rubbish! What about Gutierrez’s work as head of Fashion TV Turkey? Now that Turkey is joining the European Union, one would think that heading a Fashion TV franchise in an EU territory would be far better exposure than doing commercials for local pharma companies and/or hosting a show for wannabe models.

Furthermore, Turkey is one of the first countries in the world to place a woman as prime minister in Tansu Çiller. Turkey has also had universal suffrage (women can vote) since 1933. Perhaps Rama is referring to the attitude toward women in the Arab and Kurdish minorities in the south of Turkey. Who knows?

What is clear is that Bektas wanted his family domiciled in Turkey and that Ruffa missed the limelight from the GMA press machine. There’s nothing like being a really big fish in a small pond. Apparently, Bektas grew tired of his wife’s preening and threatened divorce. Ruffa called his bluff, and now we have a circus.

What a way to keep our minds off how depressing our own electoral circus is lately.

As it stands, Bektas is framing his divorce as a fight between Gutierrez’s desire to work and be famous and his desire to have Ruffa play a bigger role in the life of his children. It also looks like he’s going to initiate proceedings in Turkey. It is assumed that from the way his arguments are drafted that he will seek custody of the minor children, and it also looks like Ruffa will contest. What a legal fight this is going to be!


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