I received my diploma from the law school yesterday. I still haven’t gotten around to opening it. My friend Nad says it’s written in Latin, and that he can’t understand a single word. That would make sense, though. It’s not like I’ve understood anything shoved down my throat the past four years.

The celebration last night was kind of muted, in a way. We were just being our irreverrent selves but there was no feeling of accomplishment or triumph at what we had just accomplished. We didn’t get any latin honors, as a batch. Only 25 graduated on the honor roll. Maybe it’s because the Bar is looming up ahead and we really need to top it. Maybe it’s because everyone says that the degree is meaningless unless we get accepted into practice.

I guess I’ll find out by the end of September. Time to hit the books.


1 thought on “Graduation”

  1. Seriously. I know the feeling. Movies paint it out to be such an emotional experience, but it was anticlimactic. Para bang, “Ha? Wala na? Eto na yon?”

    Jipped. That’s how I feel.

    Manonood na lang ako ng Gackt concert.

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