Catching up with yesterday

I’ve spent the better part of today doing things I’ve always wanted to do but have been putting aside because of law school. Today, I:

  1. Helped set up the house’s WiFi. It’s not yet fully set up, and there are a few kinks in the armor, which have come about mostly because the antennae on the router are a bit weak. The signal can’t punch all the way through my room. Although I’m writing this on my bed mostly thanks to my efforts earlier today, I’m still unable to get a consistent signal or get my file-sharing to work. Maybe tomorrow will bring better results.
  2. Finally got around to watching Heroes. Heroes is the new mutant superhero meets Roswell meets Buffy sans cheese drama on NBC. My cousin Michelle’s guy Rico’s been egging me to watch this series ever since they started dating a few weeks ago. So far I’ve resisted because (a) he and every other fake-DVD obssessed guy I know tells me it’s really good; (b) seeing as Rico knows one thing or two about film, I kinda believe him; and (c) I’ll get as hooked on it as I did on Rome when we bought the DVD. Just to make this last point clear, immediately after watching the entire first season of Rome, I flunked my Civil Law Review II midterms. Watching Heroes at that time was definitely not in my best interest. Watching it now (my wife and I hooked through four episodes and as with all series I really, REALLY like, I’ve gone on to Wikipedia to read and read about it), I’m definitely SURE I’m glad I didn’t start watching in the middle of the semester.
  3. Caught up with old high school friends. I’ve scheduled to meet a few old friends this weekend, and as I’m not sure as to how things will turn out, I’m hoping it turns out all for the best. Nothing is exactly going as planned, but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in close to three decades on the planet, it’s that nothing ever goes as planned.

I also tried getting my site up, but something’s terribly wrong with their password recovery feature. I personally think the site’s trying to do too much right now, trying to be a social networking site and a good blog writing site at the same time. It’s not doing a good job at the moment. Maybe in a few months it’ll have worked out its kinks. I hope it does, because it seems like a really promising site concept.


2 thoughts on “Catching up with yesterday”

  1. it’s good you finally saw heroes…episode 20 was simply nuts. btw i’m a former highfiber member that stumbled across your stuff in the old versions. can i link you?

  2. Hey Francis,

    Thanks for the comment. Right now we’re actually focused on providing a great blogging experience first. The direction of the new features are geared more towards improving blogging as opposed to incorporating social networking as a feature. For instance, we’ve added the ability to reorder the sidebar through easy drag and drop. You can now add widgets on I.PH as well. As for the design element, we’ve come up with a few more templates. The new HTML/CSS editable template is in the pipeline. We’re also working on making wordpress themes compatible with I.PH blogs. Then of course there’s the privacy feature which allows you to post an article, a photo or an audio file that can only be viewed by people you give permission to, regardless of them being I.PH users or not. The profile page still has it’s surprises of course. It can aggregate your existing content on social networking sites, your pics in online albums and even your vids on youtube. It actually works quite well as a homepage.

    I’d like to believe that at this point we have worked out quite a lot of the kinks. And we’re constantly working on making it even better. I would love if you could check it out again and see it for yourself. Feedback like yours does not only help us. It actually inspires us. Thanks for seeing promise in this endeavor. Blog on!

    Peter “Adam Mordo” Juan
    Product Manager, I.PH

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