Master Swordsman

My friend Cliff has one of those newfangled lightsabers that are darned near indestructible compared to those slide out ones. They also look cooler in photos than they actually should. Of course, this light saber costs around ten times more than those old el cheapo ones that fit over those red Eveready flashlights.

Check out how straight that light stick is! If it wasn’t so long, you’d think that it was just some overgrown glow stick.

In grade and high school, I used to go to my friends’ houses to borrow their comic book collections. I think my habit’s crossed over to their more expensive toys.

Not that I’m complaining. Posted by Picasa


3 thoughts on “Master Swordsman”

  1. shucks may picture din ako with the lightsaber. pero im not sure who took it.


  2. I didn’t get it, it’s Cliff’s; Maoi bought it for him. That’s okay, because she bought Darth Vader’s lightsaber for herself. It’s around 5k each (used).

    Pare, ang laki ng glowsticks ko o. Hahahahahah.

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