Ten years and 100 pounds ago.

February 5, 1995. That was a Sunday. Incidentally, February 5, 2006 also fell on a Sunday. Of the things in this photo, only the people in the picture survive today. Posted by Picasa


9 thoughts on “Ten years and 100 pounds ago.”

  1. you’re still aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

    and that’s some scary shit right there! wtf is that, a lettuce head? TF!

  2. Yup, I’m still alive. Hhehahahahahahha. I’ll YM you later, ina.

    That’s an egg in the lettuce basket. The egg was the “child” of Iya’s erstwhile friend. The egg was a project in child-rearing in St. Scho. Apparently, they had to carry an egg for a week everywhere they went without breaking the egg. To make sure there was no cheating, the girls had every egg signed.

    Haay. High school.

  3. kiti,

    you tell me after what, 10 years? gee. thanks. i don’t remember you telling me the suspenders where that hideous that night. hahahahahahhaha. things that could have been brought to my attention yesterday. well, in this case, 10 years ago plus plus.

    you should see my remedial law prof. he’s still wearing suspenders (this despite not having a belly to justify the accessory).

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