So long, Friendster. It’s been fun.

There. I’ve done it. I changed my mind and deleted my account early. Like most Friendster users, I wasn’t using my account lately, so I figured I could do without. I lost my connection to 292 friends.

I figure I’ll find them all sooner or later. 🙂 Posted by Hello


1 thought on “So long, Friendster. It’s been fun.”

  1. I will comment on this. My rule: Don’t get mad, get even.

    Before deleting the friendster acct, what kiko could’ve done:

    1. Use their bulletin board to announce what friendster did to one of their employees so that everybody on the list knows.

    2. Invite all friendsters under his list to sign under his “yahoogroups” or wherever so they could keep in touch with him.

    3. Announce where else they could find him in the future.

    But that is just me with my strategic planning. I don’t go away in silence hehehe.

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