Them Belly Full

Am in Saisaki, blogging thanks to AvantBlog, whose existence I learned about through my friend Cliff. He swears by AvantBlog. For Cliff, it’s helped him keep on posting, even though he’s far from a computer. Talk about making the most out of downtime.

On a different note, I’ve finally gotten people to sign on to the class blog, but so far I’m the only one posting. I hope everyone gets to post, though. That way, it really becomes our voice.

At any rate, Saisaki’s only worth it when there’s sea urchin on the menu. Otherwise, you’re just eating for tomorrow.


1 thought on “Them Belly Full”

  1. DUDE

    Stop eating at all you can eat restaurants! LEARN TO LIMIT YOUR PORTIONS!

    Other than that, pretty cool about AvantBlog. Thanks for pointing it out to an old dinosaur such as myself (who only remains a dinosaur because there are more important things to spend one’s money on other than PDA’s… like, say. Clothing.)


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