Not All News is Bad

I read this today from Rolling Stone:

R.E.M., the Dixie Chicks and Maroon 5 are singing for a considerably younger audience on a new compilation album, “Mary Had a Little Amp”, set for an October 5th release.

Personally, I wish I was a father so I could buy my kid a Mary Had a Little Amp album. When my kid starts asking me about chord progressions, I’ll be the happiest dad in the world. I want my kid to be so musically grounded he starts laying down roots.

Although I think this album won’t be as miraculous as Schoolhouse Rock (that great 70’s opus!), I expect this to be a lot better than 1998’s Saturday Morning Cartoons. It’s great to see these rockers involved in projects like these. On a side note, I have trouble imagining what an album that features REM and the Dixie Chicks on the same track list would sound like.

Sho’ would be some kind of funky.


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