Mobile Computing Nirvana

It’s been a long day. It’s been a long semester for that matter.

Thanks to a scheduling snafu, I don’t have classes for the next two Wednesdays. The wife and I decided to celebrate this occasion by going to Greenhills, where we scoured the aisles for accessories for my new PDA. Finding nothing within our budget, we had to settle for hopia at Baker’s Fair.

I found this little store while walking around on the second floor. They carry a wide array of PDA covers, and have a few pretty xda II holders, including one that doubles as a fine leather wallet. It costs P2,200.00, which is more or less one-fourth of a minimum wage-earner’s keep for a month.

I refuse to see things for their dollar value, it becomes confusing that way. I decree that no one will see currency conversion factors in this blog, at least when it comes to how much things cost in this part of the blue marble.

Point is, we went in with some money, and we left with no money. Greenhills is a black hole for your wallet. Damn.

I’m sick and tired of being broke. I can’t wait for this mad season to be over. Posted by Hello


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