My Best Friend’s Wedding

And so it comes to pass that my best friend from high school, Ciara, got herself married, and I was lucky enough to attend her wedding.* At the reception, I was the only guy in the table to have known her from high school, and the people I do know at the wedding are at opposite ends of the room.This, coupled with the fact that Wifey was sick that day, made for a very uncomfortable evening.

I learned this much: when you’re really close to the bride, but not in a romantic way, you can’t have your picture taken by the photographer. You and the bride alone, at least. The groom has to be there. The converse is a different story, as in my wedding when my closest girlfriends joined me in a Charlie’s Angels shot, there was no doubt that they were not going to be my bride.

Not that I was bothered by the wedding, in general. This is, after all, only the second wedding to happen within my peer group. I had the best seat in the house: I could bitch** this wedding to my heart’s content.

There was a lot to go over: first, they copied my motif. I get married more than a year earlier and they dare copy my motif. The nerve!

I went to Ciara’s mom for an explanation. Ciara told me that this whole affair was her idea, and that she took care of everything. From the looks of it, I would agree: she was the only one who looked like she was having the time of her life. This, of course was in stark contrast to my own wedding, where my mom, who was behind most of the work behind the wedding (together with Wifey), and who only became jovial at the reception where she and her barkada (aka the principal sponsors) began to wine and dine themselves silly.

“We copied your motif ha, pasensya na. Actually, high school pa lang si Ciara, pinaplano ko na itong araw na ito,” she said to me while herding people for the next photo-op. “Una kami.”

Talk about living vicariously through your kids. Again, not that I’m complaining: it’s not my wedding, after all. Ciara looks happy, but I think by the time I caught her smiling at everyone, her smile must’ve been glued on her face or something. I know from experience.

This wedding actually has more than just the motif from my wedding in common. The picture that Ciara and her hubby, Bebs used was taken just before they went to my wedding last year. I didn’t notice until they pointed it out, and that sent warm feelings through me. At least one couple who went to my wedding got hitched for good. Wow.***

Then! The food! My God, my best friend from high school had a fish fillet wedding. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either. Then again, we did spend around thrice as much per head than she did, and she did have around twice as much people at her wedding, so I really wasn’t expecting the moon. However, it’s not like she’s going to get married again, so I really couldn’t understand it at all.

One thing though: the happy couple did get a lot of gifts. Wifey’s right. If we invited more people, then there would be more gifts. There would also be less space to place the gifts. Oh well. There are trade-offs to everything.

We’re at that age now, I think. Ciara’s close to her third decade on the planet, and it’s about time she tied the knot, looking in from the outside.

In the end, I guess this is how things are going to be from now on: while everyone goes to catch the bouquet or grab the garter, Ciara, her hubby, Wifey, and I will watch the rest of our friends, together with whoever decides to get married next, all of us smug marrieds laughing at how hard other people work just to get a date.

At least Wifey and I are no longer alone. 


* Getting invited to a wedding nowadays is a big thing, especially if you’re not family. Times are hard.
** I wanted to use lait, but one with much affection. I ran out of words.
*** They say weddings are wedding magnets, that one wedding spawns another. I believe this now.


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