Love Stories

I have a classmate who comes from the same high school batch that I do. This is rare in the law school, since most of the people who enroll in the morning come in straight from college. However, there are a few who “taste the world” before entering, to borrow a phrase. C. is one of those people.Since we grew up watching the same cartoons and the same episodes of Batibot, we often find much to talk about. We talk about Star Wars, VST and Co., and the immortal styling of Hotdog and the Manila Sound. We talk about class and how some of the professors seem to come from strange alien worlds. Most importantly, we talk about love, and her crushes in the classroom.

C. gained some degree of infamy late last semester when she professed her devotion to A., a classmate of ours several years her junior. Upon learning of his friend’s affection, A. went into a state of denial that killed whatever feeling there could have been between A. and C.

It took C. the whole of sembreak to get over A.


My best-friend-in-law, J., came to us several months ago, complaining over a love life that, despite all good intentions, was a train wreck waiting to happen. First of all, her first boyfriend began stalking her after class in UP, years after they broke up. This normally would be downright creepy except that the stalker is a friend I’ve known since first grade.

Over the next few weeks she found out that her ex wasn’t the only one who couldn’t get over her. Her thesis partner, with whom she had a most powerful crush (since dissipated) when they first met, also began to develop feelings that were more than strong toward her. Unfortunately for him, he had his timing all screwed up. When he finally came to admit his affections, he came across as creepy rather than romantic.

You can all guess what happened next.

In a fit worthy of a drama queen, J’s thesis partner quit school and went into clinical depression posthaste. This left J not only without a thesis partner, but without a friend she had come to know over the past two years.

Fortunately, her pain was eased by the potent ablutions of Saint Michael.


Although nothing ever happened of the “relationship” between A. and C., it literally broke the floodgates and pretty soon, people started admitting they had feelings that weren’t beyond the fraternal for other people in class. Usually, these admissions would come assisted by our mutual friends José, Carlos, and Mary Jane, as well as the heavenly intercession of St. Michael the Archangel. Eventually, everyone had become so comfortable with one another that their assistance was no longer necessary.

One night, I happened upon C. on an Internet chatroom. As is our wont, we began to talk, and talk we did. She was doing well, considering that she had just come from rejection on the order of “Malala na ito, sister.” All that remained of her pseudo-affair was a general lament on how dense some guys can be when girls give hints that they like them THAT way.

Up to that point, I hadn’t answered the question of who I “liked” in class. I always used the excuse that I was married and had no business looking at other women.

Of course, that’s nothing but a big, fat load of bull crap. I have always had an eye for C from the first day of class. I wonder if it’s because C and S came from the same high school, or that C reminded me of S, or that aside from my wife, C is the only other girl I can talk to on a certain level.

Of course I didn’t do anything about it because: 1) I’m married; and 2) I like being married.

At any rate, you can’t fool people like C. with flimsy excuses like that to get off the hook. She could sense that I was hiding something really big and so that night she bugged me into telling who it was that I liked in class, with many smilies and wicked evil grins.


h3lga: so, who is SHE? 😀 😀 😀 
lastboyonearth: are you sure you want to know? you won’t get shocked or anything? this girl really doesn’t have a clue that i like her. of course, this is assuming that i entered law school as a single guy.
h3lga: well, duh. you’re married, and yes, if you were single. 
lastboyonearth: well, there’s only really one girl aside from my wife who i’d consider dating, and i happen to be talking to her right now. 
h3lga: oh.


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