Buying Vibrator Batteries

After nine long months, I finally got around to replacing the batteries on my finger vibrator. A finger vibrator, for those of you who marvel at the thought, are small little thingamajigies that you slip on your fingers for that extra edge in your massage. Of course, what you do massage is up to you.

If I let my fingers do my talking before, it’s like I got a nice big megaphone now.

The minus (of course, nothing ever comes without a minus) is that it runs on two watch batteries. Two watch batteries, as my wife quickly found out two months ago, don’t last very long. Really.

At any rate, it’s a great invention. As a guy, I’m not threatened by any large, obscene ten inchers. With househelp in the house, they’re not bound to be so scandalized by it to throw it away (it actually happened). Kids who wander into our room (we just happen to keep the PS2 in my room) don’t ask silly questions about it. It’s a great conversation piece as well.

Since it uses watch batteries, I had to go to a watch store to replace them. At first, the poor tech guy couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

“Para sa babae ba ito?”

“Hinde. Pangmasahe lang po.” I hope I sound convincing.

“Ang sarap nito sa braso, ah.” If only he knew where that vibrator’s been.

At least I had my megaphone back. 😀


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