One Hour Drill

I shouldn’t be doing this. Writing, I mean. I’ve got around 400 pages of case law to read and two papers to write. Catch is, I’ve got to get them all done by the weekend so I can spend next week making sure I’m still an Atenean in around a month’s time. The problem is, I did the very thing I shouldn’t have done: I went out to Greenhills the other day and got myself a copy of NBA Jam for Playstation2. Bad idea. Now I’m hooked, I’ve got a 10 game win streak on the line, and I just unlocked unlimited Turbo. Ouch. At least it has the new Rockets logo, floor, and uniforms (significant upgrade from the horrible Barkley-era). *** I like friend link-up sites. I just found two people I had crushes on in high school the other day. What joy. The idea that now I can talk to them after all these years still amazes me. What amazes me even more is that we’re not as far apart as I thought we were. Most friends are friends of friends, and nothing more. I wonder how they are, and what they’ve been up to. I’ve sent them messages, but have yet to receive replies. I understand these things take days, and I’m not about to pull the hair off my head waiting, but it sure is taking forever. 🙂


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