Just Making Conversation

Alex Garland wrote about it once. The bastard had the cheek to have it set here, of all places. How apt. Tesseracts, he called them.

Tesseracts, if I remember my definitions correctly (mine in particular coming from young adult book of the same name whose author escapes me at the moment), is a gate to the fifth dimension. We need a gate to enter the fifth dimension because we can’t actually detect it… yet. We can sense length, width, and height just fine thanks to our senses and we know time exists because some memories fade and others don’t (like the first time I saw you).

The fifth dimension, however, is an altogether different story. With five dimensions, you begin to realize that there are an infinite number of other planes of existence out there. The amazing thing is when you realize that those planes are as real as the one you and I are in, anything becomes possible. With a tesseract, you could figuratively create your own world. I would surmise that it would make you a god, after a fashion.

Somewhere there’s somebody who looks just like you do/Acts just like you do – feels the same way” — Edie Brickell, The Wheel

If only I were a god…


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