Thinking Too Much

It’s 1:15AM. This time last year (and more), I’d sit by my computer, reading my mail. YOUR mail.

If I remember right, there would always be two time stamps on each piece of mail: one to let me (and you) know when you read yours (and I mine), the other to know just how much of your day was spent reading and replying to mail from each other. If anything, you spent less time writing mail than I did. Where a full hour of my day disappears when I talk to you, you take twenty, thirty minutes at most.

“I type faster than you. It’s that simple, Kiko. I type at XXX words per minute. :-P”

You see, the reason is much simpler than that. You always take forever to write when you’re insane.

Why is it that when we desperately want something to happen, our mind plays its tricks on us? We put words into mouths, meanings into actions, when in truth there is none. We humans, when in love, have this tremendous power to distort reality, especially when you want something — someone that much. When one looks for what is said in the unsaid when there is really nothing to be said, one does go insane.


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